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A hands-on program helping you navigate negotiations and pitches where you might be facing bias. Built by founders, for founders, the training hones your skills so that you can ace that next pitch or fundraise.

What you will get from Compass

Welcome to Compass 2023, the premier investor-readiness accelerator program for entrepreneurs! At Compass, we offer weekly cohort and 1:1 meetings, expert pitch practice sessions, role-playing with investors, and negotiation skills workshops. Our program also includes access to investor and industry sector research, as well as a dedicated Slack channel where you can connect with fellow entrepreneurs and access valuable opportunities. Don't miss your chance to apply - applications open on March 1st!


Don't miss out on the chance to apply for Compass 2023

Applications are now open!

Apply for Compass

Attend weekly cohort and 1:1 meetings

Ace your pitch with regular practice sessions

Create a fundraising plan

Access investor and industry sector research

Role play with investors so you can oversubscribe your fundraiser

Learn how to negotiate your terms like a boss

Join the Slack channel and access valuable opportunities

Post-program check-ins

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Who can participate in Compass?

We are excited to offer Compass for early-stage Founderland members who will be raising angel or VC funds within the next 6 months to 1 year.

I do not meet the requirements for Compass—is there any way I can stay involved with the community?

Yes, of course! Founderland is a place for all; not just founders, but investors, allies, and anyone interested in entrepreneurship without barriers. If you are a woman of colour founder, apply here: (LINK). To sign up for the Founderland Newsletter, please use this link: (LINK). To apply to Founderland as an investor or ally, please visit: (LINK).

I am interested in being an angel investor or mentor for participants of Compass.

Thank you for your interest. You can get in contact with

How is this different from already being a part of Founderland?

At Founderland, we provide a peer community, mentorship, free and discounted business tools & services, inspirational events, workshops, and support with fundraising via warm introductions and pitch preparation. Compass is Founderland’s investor-readiness accelerator programme, where participants have access to a programme for founders developed by founders. We offer weekly cohort and 1:1 meetings, expert pitch practice sessions, role-playing with investors, and negotiation skills workshops. Our program also includes access to investor and industry sector research, as well as a dedicated Slack channel where you can connect with fellow entrepreneurs and access valuable opportunities.

Applications Questions

How can I join Compass?

Applications are open until March 26th, 18:00, CET. The link to apply is here: (LINK).

I see that one of the requirements to apply is to be a member of Founderland. How can I join Founderland as a founder?

We accept applications from women of colour founders who are based in Europe or UK to join our community at Founderland. You can submit one here: (LINK).

I know someone who would be great for Compass. How can they apply?

We appreciate your thoughtfulness. Please refer them to our application here: (LINK). If they are not currently a member of Founderland, they can apply here: (LINK).

How many people will be accepted into Compass?

We will be accepting a maximum of 16 founders.

What industries is Compass open to?

Compass welcomes founders and startups from all industries.

How is the selection process done?

Our Founderland team will evaluate startups based on objective criteria that measure the strength of the model, strategy, and feasibility of the business and its team. This information will be taken from a startup’s Compass Application. After evaluating applications, we will send out acceptance and rejection notifications.

Program Logistics

How much does Compass cost?

At Founderland, our priority is to build an inclusive standard for entrepreneurs and knock down barriers that are often in place in the journeys of women of colour founders. Therefore, the program is cost-free and equity-free. All we ask is your full commitment and effort.

How much time is required to participate in Compass?

The required time commitment is 10 hours weekly (4 hrs live sessions) and self-paced learning (5-7 hrs/week). However, to get the most out of Compass, we suggest that founders spend 15 hours a week on the program.

I have already participated in accelerators in the past. How is Compass different from other programs?

Compass by Founderland stands out as a program designed by founders for founders. Our focus is on helping historically marginalized entrepreneurs overcome common barriers to success. Our curriculum is tailored to provide practical training on navigating bias in negotiation and pitching. We firmly believe that hands-on workshops, practice, and role-play are essential for successfully raising your next round.

Is the program virtual?

Yes, all of the programming is virtual at this time. We will do the Graduation and demo day in person, in Berlin, on June 16th from 4-6pm. (Details TBA)

Compass Programming

What will program participants be doing? What are workshops like?

Each week, Compass by Founderland provides live sessions with expert coaches and mentors, many of whom have been both founders and investors. These sessions offer valuable insights and guidance to the cohort. Additionally, participants will have access to self-paced learning materials to help them practice what they have learned. To ensure accountability and support, we provide cohort members with accountability partners who can provide feedback and help each other improve outside the program.

What will I gain from Compass?

In addition to Founderland’s existing community, resources, and perks, participants in Compass can expect to walk away with warm introductions to investors, a peer accountability network of founders and industry experts, and extensive experience and confidence in investor negotiation and pitching, especially in trickier situations where there is bias in play.

What happens after Compass?

Upon completing the 5-week Compass by Founderland program, founders will be equipped with the skills, experience, and relationships needed to take their companies to the next level. With our help, founders can expect to master their pitch and confidently secure funding using the toolkit of investor skills and understanding developed during the program.

Who can I contact with additional inquiries?

You can get in touch with us via email, at For press, contact Stephanie von Behr, Managing Director via email at

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